„Things I wish I knew about Game Development Contracts…

…when I started my studio“ so heißt der Titel unserer Legal Session auf der diesjährigen GDC Europe (16.-18. August in Köln).

Gemeinsam mit dem US-Spielerechtsveteran David S. Rosenbaum und einem weiteren erfahrenen Games-lawyer aus Schweden diskutiere ich über all die Dos and Dont’s in Entwicklungs- und Publishingverträgen. Harald Riegler (Geschäftsführer von Sproing und Vorstandsmitglied im G.A.M.E.) wird das Panel moderieren und für eine kontroverse Diskussion sorgen.

Hier die Session-Ankündigung-wir sehen uns zur GDC!

Session Description
Succeeding in the video and computer game industry requires more than a thorough understanding of legal and business issues. The traditional model of developing work-for-hire games for console and for retail packaged sale is no longer viable for most independent developers. And the contracts for games being developed for emerging digital platforms, such as the casual PC downloadable/MMO, iPhone/iPad, Facebook, and even the console companies’ own digital storefronts still look like the contracts of the “good old days.” And then there are the “rituals” that developers still must observe when negotiating contracts with publishers. The typical business management handbook tells you to consult with a lawyer when negotiating the “fine print” of a development contract, but doesn’t tell you “why.” A panel of games industry lawyers will answer questions from the CEO of an independent development studio and from the audience about how to negotiate agreements with publishers, how to make sure the contract conforms with your business practices and needs of your employees, and how to deal with publishers once the agreement is signed.

Develop a broader understanding of both the substance of the development contract and the equally important process of negotiating a development contract, especially as game development moves from a retail packaged business to a digital business; understand regional perspectives on development and publishing contracts, what to expect when competing for business with companies based in other parts of the world, and how understanding the “rituals” of negotiating with publishers in order to manage the risks inherent in publisher-drafted development agreements and thus negotiate better development and publishing deals.

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